What’s that noise?

Twmpath dawns
Barn dance


Heard of elephants?

Tregaron in Ceredigion (Mid Wales) is famous for its elephant which ‘died’ in July 1848 while passing through the town with a menagerie and got itself buried in the grounds of the Talbot Hotel. When the archaeologists and the inhabitants went looking for Jwmbi’s bones in 2011 they found he had disappeared!


This card made by a local artist and on sale in Tregaron sums it up nicely.

Could it be that the rumble in the mountains on a stormy day is Jwmbi and his descendants dancing to a jig and having a reel good time?

Herd of Elephants is based in Tregaron but provides ceilidhs, twmpathau and barn dances to order as well as organising our own community based events.

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